Light alternatives to traditional tapas

The tapa is so integrated into our gastronomy that even the verb “tapear” has been standardized. Going for tapas allows us, in an easy and relaxed way, to socialize enjoying the pleasure of eating.


The culture of the tapa has evolved so much that it has gone from being a simple snack to becoming something much more sophisticated, giving rise to a wide range of tapas that even compete in contests designed just for it. Traditional tapas are always always well received , and it is rare to find someone who does not like them.

  1. Grilled cuttlefish vs chocos or calamari a la romana
  2. Questioner vs peccadilloes Frito
  3. Ham vs fried choricitos
  4. Humus vs bravas

The potato omelette, the fried historicity, the calamari a la roman, the fried eggs , the pastas braves, the chocs, the croquettes or the Russian salad are some of the typical tapas that seduce both locals and strangers. But if we want to choose the healthier options of traditional tapas and that are not excessively caloric, we must avoid fried foods, as well as tapas made with fatty sauces or sausages or very fatty meats. It is better to choose those based on vegetables, fish or lean meats; and cooked on the grill, baked or steamed. Some lighter alternatives may be the following:

  • Grilled cuttlefish vs chocos or calamari a la romana.

    • In this case, the type of food is the same, and what changes is the way it has been prepared. Frying doubles or can even triple the calories of the food itself, and more if it is coated. During the frying, the oil suffers several transformations that deteriorate it and transform it, appearing some compounds not favorable for health. Depending on the oil used and the times it has been reused, more or less of these compounds will be generated. In this aspect, it must be taken into account that olive oil is the most appropriate, since it is better able to withstand the high temperatures used in fried foods and oxidizes less than vegetable oils, such as seed oils.
  • Boquerones vs fried fish.

    • Both are fish tapas, but the difference is in the preparation, since one uses frying and the other has been marinated in vinegar. In this case, a dish with 100 g of fried fish would have twice as many calories as the same amount of anchovies. For its part, the anchovy is a blue fish with the presence of fat-soluble vitamins (A and D), and fat rich in omega-3 fatty acids, considered heart-healthy.
  • Ham vs fried choricitos.

    • To take care not only the line, but also the health, it is better to replace the fatty sausages with lean ones. It does not have the same fat content as ham or lacuna that horizon ​​or blood sausage. Especially since it is also mainly saturated fats, which are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease development because they are in turn linked to the increase in LDL cholesterol .
  • Humus vs bravas.

    • It is difficult to resist some braves, but, in this case, a frying is combined with fatty sauces, which turn it into a very caloric taps. A good option would be to choose roasted potatoes with garlic and parsley or, in case of not having it, to opt for a humus cover , more and more present in the menus of the bars. This cream of chickpeas is a delicious alternative to enjoy a healthy way of the snacks on the weekends. In addition to legume, the rest of the humus ingredients are also considered healthy foods, such as garlic, lemon juice, tannin (sesame paste) and olive oil. In addition, it usually has very good acceptance by adults and children.

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